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Peter Misener in new GLBC colours

Peter Misener

In what became Misener's last bid to remain competitive, they joined with Canada Steamship Lines to create Great Lakes Bulk Carriers; a 'pool' of 16 straight deck bulk carriers that was intended to compete with the ULS/Algoma bulker fleet that operated under the name Seaway Bulk Carriers. Great Lakes Bulk Carriers brought together the bulkers from Canada Steamship Lines, Misener Transportation and Pioneer Shipping.

As the ships of the new company began being repainted in the new livery, the end came for the familiar orange and yellow of Pioneer, the white and blue of Misener and the red of CSL's bulkers.

PETER MISENER was built in Lauzon, Quebec in 1968/69 as OTTERCLIFFE HALL. She was chartered to Misener in 1983 becoming ROYALTON then reverting to OTTERCLIFFE HALL when the charter ended in 1985. Following the collapse of Halco in 1987 she was sold to Misener and renamed PETER MISENER. Through the few years of Misener/GLBC ownership she struggled to find steady work and when GLBC finally ceased operations in 1994, Misener sold the ship to Upper Lakes Shipping, the company they had been trying to compete against.

As CANADIAN TRADER she sailed sporadically through the next decade. By the 2000's though, ships of the 730' class were dropping out of the Great Lakes scene at steady rate. By 2004 the end came for CANADIAN TRADER. On 7 July 2005 she arrived at Alang, India and 7 days later she was beached there for demolition.