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Manchester Mercurio (1974/07/01)
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Manchester Mercurio (1974/07/01)
  IMO: 7117046  
Builder:Maritima del Musel S.A.Location:Gijon, SpainHull #:126
Keel Layed:Launched:1971/07/23Commissioned:1971/09/10
As builtType:1 Deutz RBV8M358 8-cylinder diesel engineOutput:2200 bhp (1618 kW) - 13.0 knots
Manufacturer:Hijos de J. Barreras S.A. - Vigo, Spain
As builtLength (oa):79.94 m (262.3 ft)Gross Tonnage:1997
Length (lbp):72.01 m (236.3 ft)Net Tonnage:1497
Beam:12.81 m (42.0 ft)Dead Weight:2900
Depth:6.61 m (21.7 ft)Displacement:
Draft:5.646 m (18.5 ft) 
Change Description:Built as a dedicated container ship with fixed guides in her holds
Year: 1990Length (oa):79.94 m (262.3 ft)Gross Tonnage:1934
Length (lbp):72.01 m (236.3 ft)Net Tonnage:1148
Beam:12.81 m (42.0 ft)Dead Weight:3403
Depth:6.61 m (21.7 ft)Displacement:
Draft:6.350 m (20.8 ft) 
Change Description:Converted to a general cargo ship with the removal of her container guides - 2 cargo derricks were installed forward and in front of hher accommodation block while 2 additional cranes were installed midship.
Owner HistoryFleet History
Naviera Santa Catalina S.A. - SpainManchester Liners Ltd.19711980
Compania Gijonesa de Navagacion S.A. - SpainManchester Liners Ltd.19801982
Navy Glory Compania Naviera S.A. - Greece19821988
Kythiramare Shipping Ltd. - Malta19881991
Night Star Navigation Company Ltd. - CyprusHeinecke & Company19911999/10
Manchester Liners Ltd. - Manchester, England19711982
Name HistoryRegistration History
Manchester Mercurio1980
Navy Progress1988
Anna X1991
Phoenix II1999/10
NumberPortCall SignMMSIFromUntil
261 Gijon, Spain EFYN 1971 1982
Piraeus, Greece 1982 1988
Valletta, Malta 1988 1991
709590 Limassol, Cyprus P3MG4 1991 1999/10
Arrival at YardBeached:Work Began:
LostLost in the Atlantic Ocean west of Safi, Morocco (32.29N/9.25W) while enroute from Safi for EnglandDate:1999/10/03