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K.V. Schwartz (1950/06/25)
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Algonac (1962/06)
  IMO: 2116025  
Builder:Detroit Dry Dock CompanyLocation:Wyandotte, Michigan, United StatesHull #:70
Keel Layed:Launched:1884/09/27Commissioned:1884/10/25
As builtType:1, 2-cylinder compound steam engine (24.1" & 48.75" x 48")Output:650 ihp - 10.0 knots
Manufacturer:Detroit Dry Dock Engineering Works - Detroit, Michigan, USA
As builtLength (oa):85.3 m (280.0 ft)Gross Tonnage:1918
Length (lbp):81.4 m (267.0 ft)Net Tonnage:1678
Beam:11.7 m (38.5 ft)Dead Weight:
Depth:7.9 m (26.0 ft)Displacement:
Draft:4.8 m (15.8 ft) 
Year: 1919Length (oa):75.0 m (246.0 ft)Gross Tonnage:1351
Length (lbp):71.0 m (233.0 ft)Net Tonnage:650
Beam:11.7 m (38.5 ft)Dead Weight:
Depth:7.9 m (26.0 ft)Displacement:
Draft:4.9 m (16.0 ft) 
Change Description:Shortened at Detroit by the Detroit Shipbuilding Company so that she could sail through the locks of the 3rd Welland Canal.
Year: 1926Length (oa):75.0 m (246.1 ft)Gross Tonnage:1394
Length (lbp):71.0 m (232.9 ft)Net Tonnage:1394
Beam:11.7 m (38.4 ft)Dead Weight:
Depth:7.9 m (25.9 ft)Displacement:
Draft:4.9 m (16.1 ft) 
Change Description:Converted from a package freighter to a sand dredge at Buffalo, New York by the Buffalo Dry Dock Company
Owner HistoryFleet History
Western Transit Company - Buffalo, New York, USASubsidiary of the New York Central Railway Company1884/101912
Port Huron & Duluth Steamship Company - Port Huron, Michigan, USA19121917
Northwestern Steamship Company - Port Huron, Michigan, USA19171918
Minnesota Loan & Trust Company - Duluth, Minnesota, USA19181919/04/29
Lakes & St. Lawrence Transit Company - Cleveland, Ohio, USAPeterson & Collinge - USA1919/04/291924
Ruben W. Eberly - Buffalo, New York, USA19241925
Buffalo Gravel Corporation - Buffalo, New York, USA19251947
Schwartz Sand & Gravel Corporation - Detroit, Michigan, USA19471953
Construction Materials Corporation - United States19531962
Seaway Cartage Company - United States1962/031965
Toth Transportation Company - Toledo, Ohio, USA19651968/06
C.I.T. Corporation - United States1968/061968/12
James W. O'Rourke - United States1968/121969/03
Walter Kolbe - Port Clinton, Ohio, USA1969/031974
Name HistoryRegistration History
K.V. Schwartz1953
NumberPortCall SignMMSIFromUntil
US 116025 Buffalo, New York, United States WA6890 1884/10 1917
US 116025 Detroit, Michigan, United States WA6890 1917 1975
Description/LocationPartially scrapped at Toledo, Ohio - Her hull was used as a breakwater at the foot of Erie Beach Drive west of Lakeside, Ohio
Arrival at Yard1975Beached:Work Began: